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Jack Grave‘s Highly Popular Ejaculation Guru Book Has Helped Many Men To Last Longer In Bed…Giving Women Addictive Sexual Pleasure…

Here Are Some Ejaculation Guru Guide Testimonials..


“This worked so well that my girlfriend came twice before I even reached level 4 arousal (covered in the program) and I lasted over 40 minutes. Which is a long way from 3 minutes.. It has helped reconnect our love life. She wants to have sex again tonight! Thanks for the help Jack, Your stuff really does work!”

 Discover A Special Trick You Can Use While Masturbating To Re-condition Your Body To Last Longer…

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“I have been implementing the techniques and changes to masturbation and I have noticed a 20 minute increase already!”

…Learn Which Sex Positions To Use To Last Longer In Bed & Which To Absolutely Avoid..


“Hi Jack Grave! Am really grateful for ur tip u gave me last night because I won d battle on bed with my wife and lasted for almost 18 min. Tanx for giving me life”


“My results fro E. Guru came instantly after reading the Psychological Aspect of The Book (The first few pages) The first time I engaged in sex with my partner I nearly lasted 45 min from only being able to last 1 minute. I felt like the man I shouyld have been”

…If you flip the right sexual switches during foreplay, you can actually get a woman to orgasm within minutes and sometimes even seconds after beginning intercourse.

“Hey man, i think your guide is just amazing, it’s nice and easy to follow and it works like a charm! It’s helped me last a lot longer in bed than I ever thought I could! It’s was worth the small investment!” … Thanks a lot for the help!” – Dustin

…Discover The Small Tweaks To The Way You Approach a Sex Position and How That Can Make The Difference Between Lasting 30 Seconds and 30 Minutes – Jack Grave Reveals To You Exactly What These Tweaks & Positions Are..

“Hi Jack, Your EG programme is amazing, after one week of learning two of your techniques, and practising other methods from your guide i have progressed from lsting less than two minutes to lasting fifteen minutes and inproving, thanks Jack Grave, You have given me a new outlook on life, because your programme not only deals with the physical but also the psychological, the back up support is second to none.. kind regards, Edward

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60 Days 100% MoneyBack Guarantee